Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Florida Weave

Note to self -- next season try the Florida Weave trellising technique on my tomatoes. There are no tomato cages to deal with and prop up half-way through the season and the only cost is a few metal T-posts and twine. Of course, I have to grow decent tomatoes to make a good test of the method. If you want to see the method in action (and a truly awesome veggie harvest) check out the Dirt Sun Rain Blog.

The new blogger beta has turned into a bit of a pain. All of a sudden I can't comment on any other blogs. I'm not sure if it is that I just can't comment on non-beta blogs or what -- but how can you tell, and I write the comment and try to publish before it tells me I can't. Hopefully it won't continue too long -- since once you've gone beta you can't go back.


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