Sunday, September 24, 2006

High water

We lucked out compared to others in Louisville metro -- just about an inch of water in part of our unfinished basement and some water leaking through the bathroom window because of loose flashing. The creek is just rushing -- the power of water is really amazing. A huge fallen log that had gone most of the way across the creek -- about 3 feet in diameter and about 10 feet long is totally gone I can't see it anywhere for the about 100 yards I can see downstream. There are giant rocks upended and moved from their usual spots as well. I took Bailey down for a little object lesson in why she should stay away from the creek after it rains.

The other side of this is that a heavy rain lets me do my little good deed for the day. I usually take the opportunity to pick up all the broken glass and trash that washes downstream. It is amazing the stuff people toss or that has turned up after years -- I swear I found a piece of an old cast-iron porcelain clad sink as well as a whole grocery bag of glass. When we first moved here I pulled about a pick-up load of scrap metal - bedsprings old fencing, a bicycle and tire rims from the creek. I'm always amazed there is still more. I figure every piece I remove is one less accident waiting to happen. One bonus is there is a mysterious supply of old bricks that keep washing downstream -- perfect for the path I am putting in between my blackberry rows. Oh, and yes, that is someone's patio cushion hanging in the tree.


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